Hello all,

Like many here, I'm now looking for a new tarp (to replace stock HH expedition A-sym 8x5')!

I'm keen on the OES 4-season. I want something I can use all year round, I'm not bothered over a few extra ounces/grams!

I'd like doors, at least one panel pull per side and total size in the region of 10x11', which I'm sure will feel like a palace compared to 8x5'!!!

I think I prefer silnylon to others, though I'm willing to be persuaded

Ideally I'd like a dark green like the HH, if I'm feeling fussy! I have about $140 to spend maximum.

OES seem to be out of 4 season tarps at the moment, what else compares to them in your learned opinions??

Thanks in advance, experts!