Not sure if this is an issue between me and HF servers or if I did something to get my IP blacklisted but last night about 9PM I Could no longer access the site from my Ipad. So I tried a laptop and couldn't access there either. I just assume the site might be down for late night maintenance or something and went to bed. This AM same results. So I tried access from my cell phone via the cell network and got access. Odd, so I spent the morning troubleshooting DNS, router, and eventually called ATT for connection issues. They found via a traceroute that a COLO4 LLC IP of was the farthest I could get, well past ATT and another large providers bounces on the way to HF servers. ATT suggested I send an email to the abuse address at COLO4 and see if some issue there was stopping me. They replied that they do not filter and it must be the end user that is blocking me. I have tried using proxy's to access and that is how I am on now otherwise I guess I can continue to use my phone. My questions are 1. is COLO4 associated with HF hosting? 2. Can I get a contact to find out if I have somehow been listed to block my access via my home IP and if so what did I do to warrant it as I will comply so that I can still come here and learn. I don't think I have done anything against forum rules or use. Thank you for any help... puzzled in Paducah.