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    finding padding?

    Ok I figured that title might get a few people looking at my thread...LOL. Ok I am just getting into this whole hammock camping thing. I am still just 35 but my back just can not get into sleeping on flat ground.

    I bought the HH Ultralight explorer and now also have the hyperlite backpacker (by the way I am 6'1" @185 and I think the hyperlite fits me just fine FWIW). I love both of the hammocks I just went with the hyperlite because it was a little lighter and I am trying to go as light as possible. Which brings me to the padding thing...

    I am trying to make my own gear (I definitely see me making my own hammock soon as well). The padding question I have right now is related to backpack straps. Where can I get that really thin padding! All of the hobby places around here (Hobby Lobby, Jo anns fabrics, etc) only carry thicker pieces of foam. I made the first strap using an old sun shield that I had around from experimenting with pads for the hammock. Now that I have the supershelter I dont reeally need it...

    Anyway, I am also trying to get in some posts so that I can view some of the things in people signatures (what is the deal with THAT anyway)... Thanks for all the help you all have been so far!


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    Gossamer Gear pads are 1/4". They are great.
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