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    HG 4S Cuben Baby !
    Dynaglide Whoopies

    Few more 4S HG Cuben Tarp pics for those on the fence

    Just a few pic's from the weekend of the cuben 4 season, In blue of course !!

    Pitched it down tight. Without me in the hammock the tarp and hammock suspension were both level where they meet. This is a long ish DIY hammock, I guess without me in it I had a 4" gap above the RL to the tarp. When I jumped in it sagged down to about a 6-8" gap between the RL and tarp.

    Got the windward side pitched to about 4" above the grass. Enough to buff the strong freezing winds.

    Worked very well.

    Used my 20F 3/4 Phoenix with 2oz overfill paired with the M50/7D 30F TQ down to a breezy -5C (23F) too with just baselayers. Goes to show the bottom insulation is so important.

    The M50 is really windproof. Might have to upgrade my 20F UQ when I get the funds for one in M50 now.......
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    There, It's out. I said it, Ahh I feel better now

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