I am 6-2 and 200 lb. I have bought and used a Hennessey Expedition Asym (velcro bottom type) and a Claytor Jungle Hammock. The Hennessey is too complicated, hard to get it and keep it tight, and I hate the velcro closure in the bottom. The Jungle Hammock would be perfect if it was bigger. But I just can't get diagonal in it. I really like the side entry, the simple way it hangs, the price, and especially the double bottom. I like being able to slip my foam pad into the thing and it stays there out of the way so I don't have to fight with it all the time. But my little wife will fit in it just fine. So now I need a bigger hammock for myself. It's gotta have a side entry, built in mosquito net, and a double bottom that's open along the side so I can put my pad inside, would be a major plus. Any ideas?