I am still fairly new to Hammocking but I found that polyester/polypropylene webbing does much better than nylon. It doesn't have the stretch memory like nylon does and doesn't degrade as bad with UV rays. I decided to just by Poly webbing off of Amazon instead of paying extra for the same material from outdoor suppliers. It's the exact same material.
Here is the link to what I bought. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...ls_o00_s00_i00
10yards=30ft for $9 and free shipping..Can't beat that.

Grab yourself a few O-rings(repel rings) from REI.com and there ya go.. You have a suspension system. You can fold the straps over on one end and stitch a few rectangular boxes with and X inside to create a loop at one end.

Or you could just forget the Rings and run down to your local Marina Shop and buy some Amsteel and make a few whoopie slings and use the Marlin Spike setup with the straps.

Its working great for me so far and I have saved so much money by making the stuff myself. I got a good deal on the Amsteel by going to my local West Marine Store. When I told the guy at the store that I was going to make a whoopie sling out of it, he kind of had a blank stare. He replied, "you mean your going to splice the line?"

Now I am torn between using the full straps with double O-rings or the combo whoopie sling and Marlin Spike. Whoopie is lighter but the straps will let me hang in smaller tree distances. Ill figure it out tomorrow. Anyways I have rambled enough.

Hope any of this rambling helps.