I posted a thread similar to this on a recumbent forum. Some people acted like I was asking them to tie their children to stakes and decide which ones to burn... The serious answers were very interesting and informative. When I was getting started buying a hammock I would have loved to have the kind information I think this thread will create.

For me I would keep my Warbonnet blackbird double layer. I love the extra space to lounge and move around compared to my bridge. I also love the storage shelf. Both the bridge and WBBB are wonderfully comfortable. I wish the JRB bridge had an integrated stuff sack in at least one end cap that allowed storing the hammock and an underguilt. While hanging it would be a great storage area so I don't get run over by water bottles, shoes, and a second sleeping bag I like to have inside. Two large storage end caps would be even better. They could call them bears ears. While I am dreaming about the ultimate bridge I think I would add another 6 inches of width to create a car camping monstrosity.