Howdy. I'm relatively new to the whole hammock thing, but I've decided to get myself a Clark Jungle Hammock and I'm pretty sure it's going to be either the NX-150 or the NX-250. Looking through these forums, I've noticed a trend where everyone seems to favor the NX-250. Still, I figured I might just ask a few questions before ordering this beauty.

Aside from being a little bit more expensive, are there any disadvantages with the NX-250 over the NX-150 at all? For instance, does the larger size make it more difficult to keep stuff inside it in place while sleeping, or does the length affect ones ability to find places to put it, etc? (Yes, I realize this might sound like incredibly dumb questions for some of the more experienced here, but I *really* don't have hammocking experience to speak of)

I'm 6 foot tall, and weigh in at roughly 240 lbs.