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    My First Hang (Indoor)

    Hey everyone, longtime lurker first-time hanger here. First off, I have to thank everyone who posted in this thread for being my inspiration, without you I'd never have been able to hang my first hammock and have it turn out so well:

    I've attacked pictures of my first hang, done in my relatively large bedroom. I'm still using my bed but this is for reading/additional seating. I used the same idea as another poster in the thread above, securing the hook with t-nuts and the board to two studs with 4" wood screws. I've had 3 people in this hammock simultaneously (Matrimonial size I believe it's called, the thing is HUGE) and it has not creaked or shown any signs of wear. Though Im not going to make a habit of more than 2 people at a time.

    Just wanted to post this for everyone out there, I know I spent many many hours googling, reading the above thread, researching the in's/out's before committing to this project, and planning ahead made all the difference (I almost used a single I-hook on each side for this hang, would have been a huge mistake)

    Anyway, I welcome any feedback, just posting this so when people google indoor hanging, they can have a bit of reference. There's not alot of info out there.
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