On the M 90T material,,I just did a test of 250lbs for half hr. with me, a bag of salt at 40lbs and 50lbs of water in hammock of M 90t and it held just fine,,I figured if anything poped would be the guterman thread that it was hemmed with as its polester thread..and I just don't find any thread poped or anything. But,,If you were thinking of doing a DL for using pads, or thin padding materials vs. UQ's in the summer..I would be very tempted to do a M 90 MR in ripstop material and M-50 for the outher layer to stick the padds in..I would think that would save alot of weight savings on backpacking and maybe work. Maybe others will chime in their opinions with a better idea. I haven't done much DIY'ing and really just trying to cut some oz's off my pack weight here and there and about only thing left to cut is make the TQ, & UQ's out of M 50 and some of these other materials and holding off on that due to the expense of those items for now.