Howdy all
First I'll say thanks for all the info I have found over the last few days.

I have slept in a few hammocks over the years and I've found them very comfortable.

I am now going to get off the groung for good, and this is where I need advice.

I am pretty sure I want a dangerbird, should I bite the bullet, or should I go with something cheaper until I learn more and see if I can get by with less.

I'm 6'3" 300# so quite a few options are closed to me. I'm going to do most of my camping in the Big Horns and Rockies, so nights will be cool. I like the double layer bottom for a pad. Bugs are going to be bad, so bug net is a must. it seems the dangerbird has all the good stuff already in the package, other than a rain fly, but thats what tyvex is for

what are your thoughts?


Is there anyone in the Big Horn Basin that would be willing to let me check there setup out?