This site is great but there is an overwhelming amount of information here to weed through. I have decided to post some information with the hope of getting some specific guidance. Thanks in advance.

I really want to get off the ground. I am 5’8”, 183 lbs (working on it) and 56 years old. At my age, it is getting more and more difficult to enjoy the occasional backpacking trip when sleeping on the ground. I live in TN and will do most of my backpacking in TN, GA, AL, NC, and VA. I am usually a 2 season backpacker (late spring, summer, early fall). I have sleep apnea. Sleeping with my head slightly elevated will be helpful.

Based on where and when I backpack I am not too worried about cold weather but mosquito netting is important. I assume a hammock with an integrated mosquito net will be lighter than 2 separate pieces of equipment.

Values: (in order of importance)
1. Convenience - I don’t want to spend a lot of time tying and retying knots on a suspension system in order to get the right hang. I am not a DIY’er.
2. Weight – the lighter the better
3. Cost – less important.

My thoughts:
1. I am going to buy an inexpensive hammock with mosquito netting, probably a Byer Moskito Traveller Hammock ($40) and take car camping just for the experience. Also, this may be a good long-term option based on weight
2. I really like the Warbonnet Adjustable Webbing Suspension (? Oz, $30, convenience). Will this work with other hammocks including the Byer?
3. I like the Hennessey Cat Cape Poncho Rainfly (9 oz, $80). Having a rainfly that can also function as a pack cover and rain gear makes this gear multifunctional and will save overall weight.

Your thoughts?