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    This site is great but there is an overwhelming amount of information here to weed through. I have decided to post some information with the hope of getting some specific guidance. Thanks in advance.

    I really want to get off the ground. I am 5’8”, 183 lbs (working on it) and 56 years old. At my age, it is getting more and more difficult to enjoy the occasional backpacking trip when sleeping on the ground. I live in TN and will do most of my backpacking in TN, GA, AL, NC, and VA. I am usually a 2 season backpacker (late spring, summer, early fall). I have sleep apnea. Sleeping with my head slightly elevated will be helpful.

    Based on where and when I backpack I am not too worried about cold weather but mosquito netting is important. I assume a hammock with an integrated mosquito net will be lighter than 2 separate pieces of equipment.

    Values: (in order of importance)
    1. Convenience - I don’t want to spend a lot of time tying and retying knots on a suspension system in order to get the right hang. I am not a DIY’er.
    2. Weight – the lighter the better
    3. Cost – less important.

    My thoughts:
    1. I am going to buy an inexpensive hammock with mosquito netting, probably a Byer Moskito Traveller Hammock ($40) and take car camping just for the experience. Also, this may be a good long-term option based on weight
    2. I really like the Warbonnet Adjustable Webbing Suspension (? Oz, $30, convenience). Will this work with other hammocks including the Byer?
    3. I like the Hennessey Cat Cape Poncho Rainfly (9 oz, $80). Having a rainfly that can also function as a pack cover and rain gear makes this gear multifunctional and will save overall weight.

    Your thoughts?

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    Welcome from Florida.

    A cheap starter hammock like you mentioned is a good idea. Use it to attend some group hangs (see trip planning sub-forum). You will learn an awful lot and get to jump in a lot of different rigs. You can also see first hand how different suspensions work.

    I think you will eventually like a combination of tree strap and whoopie sling. That system is simple, lightweight and less bulky.

    Personally, I like to have separate tarp and rain protection for me. It's advantageous to first put up you tarp, then deploy the hammock in the dry underneath it. With separate rain protection, you can then move around the campsite and stay dry.
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    Ordinarily you can attach any suspension system to any hammock without any issues. I am also a fan of adjustable webbing suspension. Its quick and simple. Just make sure to tie a quick slippery knot at your buckle. That will keep the webbing from sliding out on you, and keep you from unexpectedly hitting the ground.
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