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    SOLD: Handmade Fillet Knife...Best Made!

    I know many people fish when they are camping so I thought I would pass this on. I purchased two. One to use and one the stare at. Due to tough times I am selling the new one. Price is $100 from dealer (what I paid). I am asking $90. I accept Paypal & US Postal Money Orders. If interested please PM or email me.

    This is a Brand New Handmade Leech Lake Fillet Knife. This is the best fillet knife made in the WORLD. The one I am selling is exactly like the one in the picture except it has a red & black handle. Blade is 7 1/2" long and RAZOR sharp. So is the back front portion used to cut under the front gills.

    Why do conventional fillet knives get dull so fast? ...
    The first step in filleting any fish is generally the cut behind the gill. When making this cut you are cutting down into the scales. These scales are there to protect the body of the fish from the razor sharp teeth of other predator fish. In many ways the scales are like a suit of armor, but much more abrasive.
    If a knife could be designed that would cut from beneath the scales, the rapid dulling of the blade which comes from cutting through the scales would be avoided. Imagine the time that could be saved by not having to stop and sharpen the blade every 10 of 15 fish filleted. In addition, your knife would never again ruin that beautiful fillet because of being too dull for efficient cutting.

    All of the Leech Lake Fillet Knives are hand made.
    The blade is made from specially designed high carbon/semi-stainless alloy steel. The steel is then hardened and tempered to Don’s specifications. Each blade is signed and dated as well as marked with an “SS” that signifies Don Canney’s “Super Steel”.
    What really makes the blade unique is the hook sharpened tip and the fact that the backside is sharp approximately two inches from the point. Herein lies the secret of keeping the cutting edge sharp virtually throughout the season.
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    That's a beautiful knife.
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    It performs better than it looks. I would say I filleted over 100+ fish and have yet to sharpen mine. The maker is a huge fisherman up on the Great Lakes and could fillet 150-200 fish in a day. I have watched several videos of him doing so and it is amazing! Just an unbelievable knife.

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    You may want to reconsider your asking price. See below price for a new knife

    Leech Lake Filet Knife
    $99.99 Reeds Sale! - $89.99 Free Shipping - Continental USA

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    The one I am selling is also BRAND NEW. I purchased two. One I use every weekend & the other is untouched. If the store has them on sale for $90 I will take $85? I can actually just send it back to the make for a full refund but I figure what it will cost me for shipping to return it I could save some one a couple dollars on an outstanding knife? The maker of this knife is so confident in his knife he will buy it back for as long as he lives no questions asked if you are not satisfied. From what I have read he has never received one back! Pretty good customer service and confidence if you ask me.

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