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    Deceptive Advertising from Hennessy - not made in USA.

    Moderator's Edit: Please see Tom Hennessy's response to this post (Post 40). Also be aware that as of 8 Sept this is the user's only post, but he has two other Hammock Forums usernames associated with the same IP address.
    I contacted the good people at Hennessy the other day about some suspicious claims they were making about their hammocks being made in the USA. I had heard that all Hennessy hammocks are made in China with final processing and assembly in Canada. In case you don't know, the Federal Trade Commission is very concerned about companies that are deceptively making "Made in America" claims. And even if some of a products is made in the USA, it's not enough to claim "Made in USA" status.

    Well, my worries were well founded. Hennessy admitted to me that they do not actually process or perform final assembly on any of their hammocks in the USA. Yet, they were claiming "Made in USA" status AND "Assembled in USA" status on at least two of their models. This is a direct violation of the FTCs Made in USA standard. It's my belief that Hennessy is deceiving the public so that it can sell to the US military who has an obligation to buy American goods. Check out this image from their site:

    What is really scary is that the people at Hennessy said that "some" of a certain hammock model were made from start to finish in the USA, "but none of those are in stock right now." In other words, they were claiming that an item was made in the USA, but you couldn't actually order one of those right now, only the Chinese version.

    So why is Hennessy so desperate to appear to be making American goods? Are they so ashamed of Canadian/Chinese products? I think its sad when a company is willing to be deceptive to compete with other companies. Here is another image from Hennessy's site showing the deceptive claim.

    After I notified Hennessy about these deceptions, their site mysteriously changed overnight.

    Thought you all should know.
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