My wife and I have have three children ages 4,7,& 9. We are going on the annual church camping trip the first weekend of August. So far my oldest 2 have Equip hammocks, but no tarps. My wife and I have DIY hammocks complete with ridgelines and whoopie-slings. I have one DIY tarp made from a harbor freight tarp, which I finished last night just in time to hang it before the rain came to test it. I'm not worried about TQs or UQs, because New Mexico is pretty warm at night, so a sleeping bag will be all that's needed for cover.

My dilemma is I currently don't have the cash to purchase true hammock tarps, but the DIY harbor freight version takes me some time to manufacture. Between the camping trip, we've got a birthday and a trip to San Diego for a conference that take up 3 weekends.

I guess the obvious solution is to put the kids in a........tent, and I make just one more tarp. What I'm looking for is a way for the kids to enjoy their new hammocks.

Any suggestions?