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    I have recently been through the fabric choice torment too. I had originally decided on M50 all round for my HG quilts with perhaps an M90T inner on the TQ for a better feel, but after a good honest call to Adam I went for the 1.1

    I'm a relative newcomer to hammocks and this was to be my first proper set of quilts. I was easily tempted by the talk of UL fabrics on HF, but there are always compromises to be made and cost quickly rise.

    I also didn't have the opportunity to get a feel for the fabrics before I ordered but I trusted Adams advice and am very glad I did. The 1.1 feels lighter than I had expected and I wouldn't want anything less durable.

    If you are really counting the ounces, go for it, there are some considerable weight savings to be made, but don't discount the 1.1 fabric. There must be hundreds of 1.1 HG quilts on the trails without any complaints from their toasty owners.



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    I have both an UQ and TQ both made fully of M50. I haven't found them to loft any differently than any other quilt I've owned. Everyone also talks about them like if they touch the ground or even get touched wrong they are going to explode and fall into a million pieces. Again I haven't found it to be any different. I wouldn't hesitate one bit if I had to make the choice again. It's just like any other piece of gear, or appliance, or article of clothing, or anything for that matter. If you treat it properly than it will last you for years to come. If you neglect it and throw it around and abuse it than it's not going to last you very long.

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    Since moving from traditional gear to a lighter weight set-up I have been a little more careful with my gear, but overtly. I always took care of my stuff and that is why I have had some of it for almost 20 years. Stuffing my M50 TQ and UQ into their stuff sacks is a little like trying to stuff a balloon a large balloon into a small trash basket, but not difficult. I just take a little more time and give the air a chance to escape. I think it does take a little longer to reach max loft, but generally the first thing I do when setting up camp is pull out the down and give it a shake.

    In terms of durability, for me and the way I treat my gear there is no difference. My gear keeps me warm and protected and I do the same for my gear. If you drag anything through the brier patch or grind it into the earth with the heal of your boot you are obviously testing the limits of the textiles.

    That said, my 6-year-old do not have M50 quilts.
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