Well.. Yesterday the last of my orders showed up. Guess what happened last night? My wife and I tinkered with the cloth welder and I made up a few (7) whoopie slings, and 2 fixed-length ridgelines.

I figured out that making the wife & kids their own hammocks means I actually get to enjoy mine.

Results seem to be pretty positive: wife and I fell asleep in them for a while this afternoon, kids played and dozed in them, too.

Two short kids hammocks:

One longer wife hammock:

View from my hanging spot in the side yard:

Construction of the 3 new hammocks: pre-hemmed crinkle taffeta tablecloth (60x126), amsteel blue 7/64" for whipping, suspension, ridgeline, etc.

I cut the kid's hammocks to 8ft1in long, and make 1.5" wide channels on each end, then bunched and whipped the ends. The length seems like it'll be a good fit for them for a few years, easily.

My one question: it seems like the taffeta fabric harbors a lot of static electricity, how has everyone dealt with this? My gut reaction says rub them down with some dryer sheets. I also think this might deter various flying insects, which wouldn't hurt anyone's feelings.