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Thanks for the reviews. As a jrb bmbh and wbrr owner, i was interested to see your perspective.
I agree the bmbh is probably warmer in winter because of the higher sides giving a more enclosed feeling and bringing the quilt up around your sides. Removing the centre piece of the wbrr top spreader bar gives a similar feeling.
I think the differences in inserting the pad is a non-issue...5-10 seconds and you're done, regardless of the hammock.
Hoping to try the eureka chrysalis someday. There is a thread somewhere on the forum about how to reduce that 4 lb weight to something more manageable.

Thanks again.

One quibble: you state the weight of the warbonnet as 25 ounces, making it seem much lighter than the others. That weight does not include the bars, which are almost 10 ounces, bringing it closer to the bmbh weight.

Btw nice hanging spot!

Hey Sturgeon,

Thanks for the feedback. If I can ever get the chance to make it out to one of the GTA group hangs I can bring the Eureka Chrysalis for you to use if you want.