Re-rigging the OES Spinntex tarp with some AirCore lines I decided to use some spare micro-tensioners on the ridgeline. One loop around the tree, through the cleat, pull tight. Simple and quick. Easy to rapidly readjust the height, centering and ridgeline tension. Just a bit concerned about these small plastic tensioners that weigh close to nothing. Everything held up during the day, but minimal wind (5-10mph). It was a star filled clear night. So tarp was skinned. Everything was still nice and taut this AM. Just was on-line looking for some sturdier cleats. No luck in finding anything that will take lines less than 1/8" (3mm). Those cleats were resin/glass designed for marine use at ~$4/each.

Anyone here use V cleats for hanging your tarp. Figure for now I'll continue to use the micro-tensioner until they break.