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BeanBaxter, thanks for the link. Site claims high loads, UV stable and tolerant to cold temps. Did you use the micro-tensioner on your tarp ridgeline. If so, was it windy? For the static load of just holding up the tarp the microtensioners seem to work fine.
It wasn't too windy and I did use them on the ridgeline initially. That's the place where I found a weakness in the design.

If the two lines from the bight aren't close to parallel, the tensioner can come loose. I was pretty close to the tree so the lines were more of a V shape and it didn't work so well.

They were, however, stellar on the guy lines. I think they'd hold even better with some Amsteel Blue 7/64" but I'm going to wait until I graduate from the blue poly tarp before I use that stuff.