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I think there is a real "fad" issue with hammock buyers. Wanting the latest thing is a powerful influence.

Rain Man

Amen to fad chasing. The hottest hammock fad in my two years on the forum is the WBBB, hands down. It attracts the most newbies because of the outstanding buzz on the forum.

Other hammock makers have gotten the buzz lately - DreamHammock, the WL Snipe, and BIAS come to mind. With all the wonderful hammock choices among hammock vendors, the choices are mind-boggling. You can look at this as a plus or a minus, but I consider it a real plus.

I loved my HH Expedition Asym Zip from day one, but I also love discovering other hammocks, their strengths and weaknesses. What a great hobby we have here that there is so much to explore!