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    New take on slap straps

    Hi all, Im sure this has been done before, but i couldn't search on my mobile.
    Anyhow, I was getting tired of messing with all of the left over amsteel when you have two trees which are close together, or just dealing with 32' of suspension rope (2 x 8' woopies) so I happened to be laid up with a back injury from work and can't do much around the house.
    I put together a series of ~12" long pieces connected together via locked brummels and loops to create somthing like an ENO slap strap (8' long). As i post this I am laying in said hammock "testing" the suspension now. So far so good!

    I hope these photos work. I havent had much luck posting photos from mobile in the past.

    Oh. My 8' woopie slings tip the scale at 24g and the amsteel 'slap straps' went for 18g so not really any savings there, just about half as bulky though.
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