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    Quote Originally Posted by Loki View Post
    Great hearing from you "Loner2012AT on YouTube", been wondering which HF member you were! I've watched all of your videos and really appreciate your hiking style.

    Hope you will get some high quality shoes long before you get to the Whites.
    I said it you tube and I'll say it here - Your videos are worthwhile and so is your goal. HOpefully your funding issues are no more However, I am willing to help by funding some of the costs for some good boots and a couple pair of two-layered sock systems in order to keep you hiking healthy.
    All i need is a paypal acct from you or the website address of an outfitter where I can leave a "Gift Certificate" for you.
    Congratulations on your accomplishments, thanks so much for your videos!
    NICE !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love the vids and keep a going!!! inspiring
    It's not the boulders that throw us off balance, it's the pebbles beneath our feet

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    Been loving all of his videos.

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