During the Colorado Summer Hang this year everyone that wanted to do this hike had unforeseen circumstances arise, so had to bail and the hike didn't happen. So I'm proposing a make-up hike.

I've got lots of interest from those at camp last weekend. I would like to do it as originally planned by **** (food). 3 nights, hike out on day 4. Night 1 at Red Deer Lake, camp/fish. Night 2, after hiking over Buchanan Pass, camp near the Gourd Lake TH. Night 3, Pawnee Lake camp/fish. Day 4, hike over Pawnee Pass and back to our starting point. Average daily mileage will be around 6.5 miles per day.

I've had a request from Ed(slowanderer) for the last weekend of July, that would be the 27-30. Those are the same dates food had planned for his own hike on his original 2012 calendar.

****, does the Forest Service limit the number of people "per day" to seven or just group sizes to seven? We may get people wanting to go, but being able to get a permit will be the limiting factor.

As **** originally planned, we'll need to limit people for this hike to 7, unless we have more wanting to come, then another group of 7 will need to form and get another permit. From what I understand, that's how it works.