Hello from Jefferson City, Missouri!

I've looked at this forum many many times over the last year and finally have decided I'm ready to start my hammocking adventure! I'm no rich man so I'm going to attempt to make some ultralight gear myself!

Hopeful projects: Momentum 90 hammock, Momentum 50 TQ and UQ (maybe cuben hybrid?), cuben tarp, cuben pack and cuben sacks, and more if those go well...?!

I'm also very interested in a group hang if there are any in Missouri. My family owns a couple hundred acres in the middle of the Mark Twain National Forest near Viburnum where we just camp and ride four-wheelers. It has no electricity, restrooms, or buildings but it has an abundance of trails, trees and silence! So I could host a hang if there is interest! There is a spring on the land and a town nearby.

My demos: 23, Male, Married, Two children and more on the way!

Thanks for reading my intro!


(Lykos is the Greek word for Wolf which is also closely related to the word Light in latin) Lightwolf is another handle I frequently use!