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As you read the previous postings,,,Newtron is making a double M 50 for Spoof who weighs less than I. (165lbs) They are not sure M 50 will hold or if it does,,,not sure of the longitivity of the fabric,,,its all a guessitmate so a few people are testing out M 90 T, M 90 MR, and M 50 as well as Sgt. Rock and WV have made hammocks out of cuben and testing them with various results with cuben not breathable material that they are using. Keep the forum informed as to your tests and results as everybody is interested in lighter materials to lighten the load if it is even workable. Good luck on M 50.
I will certainly keep everyone informed! Thanks for the luck. Have Sgt. Rock and WV commented on the comfort of cuben?