I'm in South Texas...DEEP South Texas...a lot. Most times there's not much but a lot of cactus, along with some creosote and mesquite bushes and they won't support the hammock.

I know I can set my Hennessy up as a quasi-tent, but I'd like to figger out a way to get my butt up off the ground. Especially in the heat we have down here.

I've got a couple of the Kelty adjustable poles that have been MONSTERS in high wind, tarp-centric environments. They have held up in situations where tents, tarps, bungees...everything else failed but them.

What I'm wondering is if there is some way to hang my hammock from 'em. Intuitively, it seems like there'd be too much lateral shear on the poles, unless the hammock was fixed to the very top of the pole.

Does anyone have any experience/thoughts/comments on the idea of being able to suspend a hammock safely (without tearing up my great poles) on poles?

It'd be awesome if I could go off into the brush country areas down here or in the desert areas of the Big Bend country and get this thing up off the ground.

I'm planning a coyote/bobcat/hog hunt down along the border and plan on spending my horizontal time in the hammock...carrying all I need for a week in a backpack (except the rifle and ammo). I'd like to know that if there aren't any mesquite trees big enough that I can still set this thing up to be strong enough to put up with my big *** for several nights..

[I did some searches and didn't find anything immediately, so excuse me if I missed some massive thread on exactly this same topic! I'm new here. Be gentle!]