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I assume that you've seen the Turtle Dog Stand. It does not depend on counterforces outboard of the set up but connects the tripods by a rigid pipe to make it an intrinsic system.

The rigid connector prevents the towers collapsing toward each other by using compression resistance to balance forces. Cool, huh?

Yes, that is pretty cool. This is what I'm trying to build:

The only thing that looks like it might not work with the Kelty poles is the tripod connector. The Kelty tarp poles are probably too short, so I'd have to lash 2 of them together to get sufficient length, which may be problematic with the compression forces. If that doesn't work, I'll have to get something else that is hopefully equally lightweight and collapsible. I'll probably get those aluminum poles in the photo.

Since I plan to use my setup indoors, and maybe even in hotel rooms (I'll bring my own bed!), I can't have any stakes. It has to be totally self-supporting.