I recently ordered a Clark Nth American Hammock and can honestly say I know nothing about hammock camping. Before I ordered I had looked at your great forum and decided to go this way on things people had said and because I was a bit sick of tents as the areas I go tend to be rocky and nothing you put underneath you can stop you from feeling like the princess and the pea.

So I have an issue. I am hopeless with knots. I spent a couple of hours looking up knots and trying to do them. I went outside and played with the hammock trying to work it out.... I just can't do knots. I was considering going away for a few days at the start of next week so I am trying t work this out...

If I have to learn knots then I will but I'm sure someone out there must know what I'm going through? It also did not have any instructions in the box so I am going off a youtube video I saw. For the cost to get one to Australia I'm sort of pretty peeved that it didn't come with some substantial instructions.

What ideas have you guys had?

Dare I say.... Should I give up and go back to a tent?