Hey hangers,

What started out as trying to build a nice little bug-out kit seems to have morphed into a full-on hammock gear bug. My cure of buying more gear does not seem to be working.

Background: I've been a car camper for several decades and own lots of large, heavy, and unruly gear; all of which is very comfortable. Since camping was associated with other car-required sports and a signif other, size and weight was not an issue.

To date, I have amassed a WBBB 1.7 with Superfly tarp, Hammockgear Incubator; Burrow on the way. In event of going to ground and as an alternative to the UQ, I picked up a Exped multi-mat and an Exped Downmat 7 UL in long-wide size.

Recently, I started reading about PapaSmurf's custom creations, and with wanting to try something longer and wider, have in place an order for one of his 11' creations. I may keep both hammocks or sell one (choke..)

No time in the field yet but have slept out a few nights on the back porch. Sleeping like a baby. Now to find a good pack and some hike-in camping spots in my area.

Well, that's my story so far,