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    Thanks for all the responses! To answer a couple of the responses.

    Yes the machine is one of the old, black, heavy machines.

    The material is uncoated 1.9oz ripstop.

    I have the manual and confident the threading and needle is installed correctly (flat side to the left).

    The tread is breaking at the needle.

    I have only used brand new needles size 10-16

    I have decent success (1-2") when I turn the wheel by hand, but it does take a considerable about of pressure.

    When I pull on the thread the needle is deflected a great deal. I would be concerned about breaking the needle. The thread is in between the disks but I can not adjust the disks to be free and easy to pull the thread. I think the adjustment spring is not the correct one. I will try skipping the disks and go straight to the spring and see if that at least stops breaking the thread.

    I may be able to lengthen the shaft (N) in the link above or reduce spring pressure. I also noticed it is skipping stitches too.
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