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    Emberlit/trangia combo, Packafeather, planet hammock, and HG Underquilt

    Pics attached

    SOLD! First up we a lovely stove combo that includes the EL Mini and the corresponding cuben fiber pouch from Hammock Gear (weighs 4.4 oz. with the pouch) accompanied by a trangia burner and the Evernew ti-cross stand. All lightly used in testing and playing no trail time. $65 shipped

    SOLD! Up next the Featherfire fully adjustable alcohol stove by Packafeather includes the custom ground reflector. It has a bit of grit from use but functions like new and is in perfect working order. $28 shipped

    1 Planet Hammock Single unrigged in Khaki middle with green side panels. A great lounging, take anywhere travel hammock. packs to the size of a large grapefruit . $30 shipped

    And finally the much anticipated Hammock Gear! It's a 20* Incubator that was made during the transition period to the excellent new suspension system. To correct the minor sag issue it had I added a stretchy segment on each side that corresponds to a shoulder to the left feet to the right lay like my snipe hammock. It now seals beautifully.
    It's somewhat hard to part with but I find myself only using my Phoenix. $225 shipped

    Also 1 pair of Elephant trunks like new, $12 shipped
    Attached Images Attached Images
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