My friend has a Amazonas Easy Traveler with horrible suspension so I was searching the net for whoopies, toggles, biners, and tree savers. After about a half hour of looking on other sites I was recommended by eaglej. Man this place is cheap. I emailed Brian at BIAS asking some questions, I was thinking I would not hear back from him for about a day. Man was I wrong, we email 5 times today like we were texting. You wanna talk about fast. The one thing I needed for myself was a figure 9. He offered t buy one him self and charge me and extra .50 cents for shipping because they did not carry them and I did not want to pay shipping on a 2.99 item somewhere else. I wanted it all in one order the fact he did that and the total shipped for 6'v whoopies, 6' straps, a pair of biners, and the figure 9 was 35.xx priority mail. No other vendor came close. I will be back in the very near future and I recommend you check out his site. Thanks Brian,

Jeremy Gedeon