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    Grouse Ridge - Glacier Lake 7/12 - 7/14 2012

    Left last Thursday afternoon and hit the trail after parking at the Grouse Ridge Campground. The last 5 miles of the drive was on dirt/rock rutted road. Glacier Lake sits at about 7,500 feet of elevation. There are still patches of snow on the North facing slopes. On the trail there and back I saw half a dozen lakes/ponds.

    The trail to the lake is mostly down hill for the first half of a short 2 hour hike out the Glacier Lake Trail to Glacier Lake. Daytime weather was in the low 80's and high 50's at night.

    Somewhere down in the valley, the swarms of mosquitoes started their attack. By the time I got to the lake I was pretty chewed up. I was using a natural bug repellent but was not effective against the hungry hoards.

    Set camp quickly, ate dinner then sought shelter in my hammock to avoid the blood suckers. They buzzed my ear all night long.

    The next day had a slight breeze and I paddled out to the lake in my pack raft. No bugs! Spent the rest of the day floating and fishing. No luck catching anything.

    Friday, I was hoping to see some Nor Cal hangers since this was supposed to be a group hang but it was not to be. A bunch of tenters showed up and I was the sole hammocker.

    Spend another night hanging by the side of the lake and head out the next morning. The area was beautiful and the hike back out the Sand Ridge trail was very scenic. Me and the dog had a good time.


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