Ok, so I got the Lawson Hammock yesterday and set it up on my deck. It is really cool looking once you get it all set up and everything. What I have heard in previous reviews is that it is really tipsy. So I jumped in and found that yes it is a little scary. But I did play around in it and eventually got a feel for it. I also found that using the angle approach that is commonly used in the gathered end hammocks worked GREAT!

Some REALLY REALLY great things about it is the space. I found that you feel like you are in a tent there is so much space around you. The breathability, this thing lets air in from every direction which is fantastic. The View, You have a full 360 view in this hammock and that is a big deal for a lot of people.

The hammock does seem to have it's tricks but what hammock doesn't. I am going to dig in to it more and let you know what I really think after spending a night in this puppy.