I have commit to hanging! Started hanging May of this year. I happen to come across one of Shug's videos and it was over before it started. I have been backpacking for about 2 years now, and for the 6 months prior to seeing Shugs video I had spent countless hours and dollars trying to find a light weight comfortable way to tarp camp, never thinking of hammocking. It was the brightest light bulb moment ever. So May of this year I started spending more money and time on hammocks and hammock related gear and skills, trying to make do the best I could with what I had, and finally I managed to convince the wife that I needed 2 more pieces of gear for my hammocking setup, I told her I wouldn't need anything else until October (our anniversary). I originally told her a Incubator and a Pillow, but I got to thinking about it, and decided that if I got a Burrow and an Incubator, I would still technically be telling the 2 item truth... so I finally pulled the trigger on a HG Incubator 20 and Burrow 20, each with an oz. of overfill. Jenny over at HG was incredibly kind and helpful in my decision making and changing. Those folks at HG sure are great, even threw in my original pillow order on the house, I think secretly it is because they don't want to hear about my murder on the news or something. I can now use the pillow to defend myself or bribe my wife with. "Los Angeles man killed by wife! Suffocated by down pillow whilst hanging in his heavenly down filled cocoon." Now its just the waiting... waiting for the gear, waiting for the weather, waiting for the slap!