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    Like Lewis & Clark: Wintrin' o/t Columbia again: PDX
    Clark w 2QZQ mod,Tropical, NX;Nano
    Clark micro
    Major down
    7/64 SK75 +strap

    Converting "A- shaped" line-supported nets to NX-x50 hoop-support style

    The short story is from first knowing that Clark supports the netting for single-occupant hammocks in 2 ways, depending on model. The Ultralight (UL), North American (NA), Tropical, TX-200 and NX-200 all use tie outs from the hoods --see Clark pics --which are on all Clarks.[Added: The netting zipper begins at top center hem of the foot-end hood and runs to head-end hood hem and then back.] Tie outs on the peaks of the hoods go to the tarp or trees, (or to user's own ridgeline) . When bug net is stuffed, the hoods are still supported by tie outs. Deploy the bug net, and the supported hoods support the net in roughly an "A" shape.

    Alternatively, for the (smaller bed) NX 150 and the larger-bed NX-250, the hoods and then the zipped netting are held up and away from the face and body by a two flexed semi-circles of thin fiberglass rods running through fabric channels on the hems of the hoods. They anchor in pockets on the side of the hammock. No tie outs are needed.

    Go forward to hammock modifiers 2QZQ to see what they can do to modify tarps so the side walls are held up and out, using thin poles anchored in 2QZQ's "pole-pockets".

    Next: I came by a Clark UL, here, Clark'sr lightest and least-featured model, adding to Tropical 2 I was using most nights. For both, A = tent-shaped bug netting zipped between the hoods, supported as described first paragraph. Entirely liveable, just as it is for the more popular Clark "North American" model.

    But I found the netting often closer to my face than I liked. And I loved the spaciousness under the bug netting from experience with the hoops of an NX-150.

    Challenge: Could 2QZQ put channels on the hoods of the UL and Tropical, and sew pole-pockets on the sides to give me the feeling and spaciousness I had from an NX-150? Could they adapt what they were doing for tarps to the Clark hammocks?

    Response from 2QZQ:
    With 3-4 weeks and a model, they'd see if they could.

    Well, they could, they did, and I'm pleased. The sewing is impeccable. I could not have done it myself at the time, but I am working on developing the skills Donna has practiced for years. I doubt there's a stitch redone or out of line, something I could not say for my own sewing before I put in many more hours at the Necchi or Gritzner sms.

    For fiberglass rods, I use the threaded-end electrician's line fish rods from Harbor Freight. I've touted them here before. They work as well as Clark's rods, with small weight penalty (from brass fittings), and are crazy cheap. (Not that Clarks are expensive, either)

    The rest of the story is carried in pics which have gotten 120-150 viewings since I posted them a month ago. Full titles and comment accompany the pics. Click on these thumbnails:

    Fire away with questions.

    Several comments not with the pics.

    1. On a DIY or cost-economy basis, modifying the head end is the important one.

    2. The pics show the Clark rods /poles and the yellow Harbor Freight ones interchangeably, because they are substitutes for each other.

    3. With the heat of summer, and in consideration of the density of the Clark noseuum -- very fine -- I value the mod to this UL even more. Ventilation is better. For the other modification, the feature addition is the difference between the Tropical II and the TX-150.

    4. Attachment points on the original hammocks were all retained. I can use the hammock, just as before, without the rods. Channels and pockets added < .5oz.

    5. I remain impressed with Clark craft and design. For DIY on a bug-net, I'd treat the noseeum the way Clark does, creating the internal reinforcement muntins you see, and the multiple lights. Smart engineering and good craft.

    6. Different next time? I'd suffer a 10 gram weight penalty, and substitute nylon strapping, (or include a nylon strap insert) for / in the pole pocket.
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