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    Thanks for catching that Just Jeff, when I typed my weight in yesterday, I was half a sleep, I meant it to say I am 240 lbs, sorry about that. I'm not that talented at building one, but mule, you have a awesome set up. I thank everybody for your input and if you think my height/weight won't be a problem then I will try to acquire one when they come in next week. I definitely like the bridge design and that design is definitely the way to go. My biggest concern was my height/ weight issue and not being squeezed in there.
    Also if my height/ weight issue is still not an issue, what size tarp would you recommend for the hammock, I live in Fla and we have allot of rain sometimes that can come in vertically from the sides sometimes and the tarp that comes with it looks very small.

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    I guess in the forum you have to have 10 postings or more to look at links. "To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. You currently have 2"

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    Kind of strange.

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    90lbs extra changes my opinion significantly. You are a good bit over the suggested weight limit. At that height/weight, I would say to look at other hammock options and hold out for the bigger JRB model in the future.
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