Went out for a short hike yesterday with Julia, Rain, Damien, and myself yesterday.

People need to just stay at the **** shooting range.

Wish I had vibrant setting turned on for my camera, This lizard thing had some very very cool Teal color on it. The camera didn't quite catch it so well.

Two steaks, chocolate, sausage, pasta, marshmellows, Jack Daniels, Chicken, vegatable, Cherries, Graham crackers, Cookies, Donuts, Reeces' pieces, Bratwurst, RICE, Tea, Coffee, Fruit punch, Bread, Cheese, Bacon, Bannock, Cranberries, vodka sauce, and some other stuffs.

My tools for the day.

Designated firestarter.


Nothing like some thick sausage.


Some nice meat that got overcooked (sorry guys)

Made some rope out of Yucca. Came out pretty awesome for my very first time.

Braidedmy ropes

Napping quarters

Camp hammock

A little practice.

The Fuzz

Julia practicing.

Rain sewing his pants with Yucca rope.

The way out.

The A-Team