First off, I'm new here and I reside near the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and the forests in Western North Carolina. I just recently purchased a Grand Trunk Skeeter Beater Pro hammock impulsively. I need to get a tarp for it in the future if I want to take it backpacking. So, for now i'll just use it for day-hiking, relaxing, etc.

I noticed on the spec on the package the hammock came with that the hammock is 10.6 feet long. Grand Trunk's tarp is 10 feet long according to their site. I'm kind of concern I'm not going to get enough coverage.. I look at MSR E-Wing tarp and wondered if I could get by with that, I believe it's 11 feet long unless my math is off. I'll have to save up to get a tarp in the future, but I hope to have one by September or so when the fall backpacking trips begins.

Is there any other alternative tarp brands out there I should take a look at? I love to keep the weight of the tarp at 1 pound or less and under $100. I think I might be asking too much, but it worth shopping around for.