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    Quote Originally Posted by NCPatrick View Post
    I think you're right. These guys are quietly spreading the word.
    I think it's more of the 'New car phenomena'. When you buy one you see it everywhere. As a child of the seventies I grew up on Gilligans Island reruns, so of course I wanted a hammock in my room. The parents bought me a waterbed instead. Pffft!
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    15 years ago I fell in love with hammocks down in southern Venezuala, out exploring the southern Orinoco and some tributaries. Traded a good water purifier for 4 hammocks w/nets, been using them ever since.

    They are much more usefull in the heat and humidity. Not to mention the low cost. A matress just disintigrates in the humidity. Most of the hotels have rebar sticking out of the walls for hammock use. Well, that and if they did have a matress, you never know what foul things are festering on them.

    Wasn't always worried bout the skeeters as some of the other bugs. Some were big enough to hump your leg.
    Finally ordered a WBBB. I love my cotton and wool hammocks for their simplicity, and they are especially well suited for hot climes.

    By the way, that is some beautiful country down there.


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