Great inputs concerning fabric strength and bug protection; thanks. I try to go as ultralight as possible, so bumping my weight up by 7oz is something I would need to think about. I currently use a HH Hyperlite that is constructed with 30D material (not sure about the material weight) and have had no issues with this. My body weight is somewhere in the low to mid 180's. I mostly backpack in the Southwest, and use JRB underquilts, which makes the bug protection issue seem less critical to me.

Hey Brandon, do you have a recommended weight for the 1.1oz fabric? If it supports 185lbs for the 1.1oz black fabric, count me in for a Blackbird, (1.1oz black, single layer hammock with the Line/Straps option). The extra room in the head and feet area, as well as the storage shelf sound like great upgrades. Will send PM to you when I get confirmation on this.

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w.r.t. to the design options WBG offers, I'd be unsure about a 1.7 oz single layer holding me up long term (just don't experience with that fabric...I'm 190 lbs...single layer 1.9 DWR is fine) but have been using a double layer 1.1 oz hammock that is just fine.

Going that route then I'd get surety in fabric strength and a pad sleeve to boot.