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    warbonnet pre-order list

    hello everyone,

    i am still trying to get my designs manufactured locally, it's taking longer than i thought, so i have decided to take a break from work and make as many orders as i can get. i will probably start sewing in a week (maybe 2). i'm taking pre- orders now to get an idea of how much time i'll be taking off from work. i'm not asking for any money upfront, i just ask you let me know if you change your mind and don't want the item anymore. to get on the list, send me a pm with what you want and an email address i can send a paypal request to when it's time. i have almost nothing in stock, so i'll be sewing orders one at a time, first come first served, till my list runs out.

    oh, and the pics are in my gallery.

    The Blackbird is the new replacement to the eldorado. It incorporates an extra panel of fabric that enables me to use symmetric netting and pull tabs without negatively effecting the lay of the bed fabric, by allowing the edge of the hammock body to assume a natural asym shape. the same asym shape the eldorado had. An added feature of the panel is that it creates a very large “out of the way” storage shelf in the same area as the old pocket was.

    120”x72” with 101” structural ridgeline

    In addition, the blackbird has a full length zipper so the netting can be thrown halfway over the ridgeline when not needed.

    (All hammock weights are listed without the suspension.) Suspension is included in the price, but you choose between line/tree straps or 28’ of webbing and 4’ of line for making an adjustable webbing suspension. Webbing is 2000# 1” polyester camo pattern, line is 3mm amsteel blue (grey) also rated to 2000#. Tree straps have a single 4g welded ring in one loop to prevent “wear-through”

    Webbing: 6.5oz (adjustment hardware NOT included) (2) 14’ pieces with loop in one end
    Line/straps: 4.3oz (2) 6’ straps and (2) 8’lines

    Weights includes 0.7 oz double ended stuffsac for use as blackbishop sac.

    Single layer 1.7 od green: 20.5oz $150
    Double layer 1.7 od green ~31oz (estimated) $160

    Single layer 1.1 black 17oz (estimated) $160
    Double layer 1.1 black: 24oz $170

    Double layer 1.1 green 2nds (muted green, shade varies wildly, but doesn’t look too bad): 22.5oz $150

    Travel hammocks are my simple end gathered hammocks. They are available as double layer with a 4’ zipper on one side as the opening between the layers. Or as a single layer.

    Single 1.7 od green (10’x 72”) 12.1oz $60
    Double 1.7 od green 24.2 oz (estimated) $70
    Single 1.1 black (10’x65”) 7.1 oz (estimated) $70
    Double 1.1 black 14.2oz (estimated) $80
    Double 1.1 green 2nds (10’x65”) 13.25oz (estimated) $65

    The travel net is a separate netting for simple end gathered haab-style hammocks like my travel hammocks or eno, trecklight, bliss,tttm etc… fits end gathered hammocks up to 10’long. Has a 4’ horizontal zippered entrance. Cut with extra room @ the ends for laying diagonal. If you want it made of 1.1 instead of noseeum mosquito netting let me know.
    7.4 oz, $65

    The Superfly is my “severe weather tarp”. it is convertible between a 4 walled hammock shelter and a flat tarp . The main body is an elongated cat cut hex measuring 11’ on the ridge, and 10’6” at its widest.

    There are 2 overlapping doors per end, one big and one small. The overlap allows for some flexibility in pitch while still allowing for full closure. Both doors can also be swung outward for various windbreak options or rolled up.

    The design is a perimeter loaded design that uses lightweight, low stretch polyester edge binding around the curved edges to distribute the forces to the perimeter of the tarp rather than to the corners, resulting in a tarp that can handle higher wind loads. It also gives it a nice tight pitch fairly easily. Each corner consists of one tiny 1/2” welded stainless steel 16 gauge wire ring. These are lighter than available plastic hardware coming in at 0.7g each. There are 12 on the tarp (2 on each end pull tab) totaling 8.5g. they are a more durable option than standard ggr pull tabs and perform well when it comes time to add/remove and adjust the guylines.

    I decided to use the edge binding on the ridgeline as well, this results in a low-stretch built-in ridge, which greatly reduces ridgeline stretching and just making for what I felt was a better performing product compared to the ones I’ve made with a standard seam.

    The superfly has 2 panel pulls on each side for wind stability. People are experiencing that even with only moderate winds hitting the steep pitch of these kinds of large tarps, that the wall of the tarp can be pushed inward by up to a couple feet during moderate gusts. So it’s quite possible that a tarp that doesn’t normally touch your head or feet while laying in the hammock can in moderate wind. If the inside of the tarp is wet from condensation this can be more than just annoying. The panel pulls add comforting stability in windy conditions.

    Each set of panel pulls can easily be staked out with one long line to a single stake.

    i do have some nice navy blue sil that's actually a shade lighter than the black. wouldn't be surprised if it came out a couple ounces lighter overall, but haven't made one with it yet.

    Fabric: sil
    Floor space in full closure mode: ~45 sq ft.
    Stakes: min 4 (full closure mode) more if doors are to be staked individually or using panel pulls. (i use just 2 stakes to guy out all 4 panel pulls)

    Weight; 25.5oz (stuffsac included, no lines)
    new black sf 24.6
    new blue sf 23.5
    stuffsac included in weight
    Price; $200

    Available without doors or panel pulls for $105.

    guyline: samson zing-it, 1.75mm dyneema, yellow, 50' piece 0.9oz $8

    panel pulls use alot of line. they probably need to be staked out at least 10-15' away from the tarp. i use a 30' piece. one end tied to one panel pull, around a stake 15' away and then back to the other panel pull. an example setup could be: (2) 30' pieces for the panel pulls, 5' on each of the 4 corner pull tabs, and 10' on each ridgeline pulltab for a total of 100'. if you want to stake one side high like an awning, you would not be using the panel pulls so would have extra line for farther stakes.

    I have a few torso uq’s in stock, but no extra insulation. Western nonwovens (maker of climashield and polarguard) has gone out of business. I’m currently exploring other options. I will likely buy something to go inside the 4 I have now (possibly primaloft), beyond that I cannot say.

    Cannibal’s 4 layer 2.5xp version weighed 17 oz. Price will be close to $150 if anyone wants to get on the list, but will have to wait till I get some insulation.

    here's a few pics, more in my gallery.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    mark me down for:

    1. a superfly with doors
    2. 100ft of the 1.75mm guyline
    3. travel hammock 2 layer with zipper, black 1.1oz prefer, or OD green 1.1oz, line suspension.
    payment will be ready at your convenience
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    Do the hammocks come with a standard fly?
    If so can we purchase them without fly's?

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    sorry attroll, price is hammock only. only fly is superfly or superfly without doors, i don't have a medium sized tarp right now.

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    DIY, gathered end , w/ spreader
    DIY w/ pull-outs
    DAM/ HG Incubator
    Webbing and rings
    Good to see you up & running Brandon!!!
    don`t leave the CREATOR out of the creation!

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    I'm resisting, I really am.....
    I have enough hammocks....

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    Like the pics, Brandon. You gonna get a website up? Or just concentrate on getting the gear out...
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    thanks for the kind words guy's. it's been a long time coming, almost a year and 4 months since last years trail days derailment but i'm finally right back where i started.

    i have been thinking of waiting on the website till i am in a position to order stuff from my manufactuer if i need to. i'm not the fastest sewer, and i don't want to get a bunch of orders i can't fill. don't know if i would get that many, but i'll just play it safe for the time being.

    oh, and if you are ordering a hammock, don't forget to tell me what kind of suspension you want with it.

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    Count me in for a double layer 1.1 black traveler...for starters.

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    Wow, Western Nonwovens is out of business? That is wild. My step son used the WBUQ on our recent Wind Rivers trip ( trip report with pics will follow soon) with 3 layers of whatever kind of Climashield you sent me ( probably Combat). Whatever it is it weighed about 17 and a fraction oz. He never felt a hint of cold on this his first hammock trip. He used a Cat's Meow quilt style on top, with warm clothing plus a WM cut down pad under his legs. He was fine with lows from mid 20s (dry and calm wind) to low to mid 30s with rain, sleet, snow and wild winds. Any warmth challenges were strictly top side and shoulder draft related, and even that was well handled. There appeared to be plenty of reserve on the bottom, even with just 3 layers used. It is a truly excellent product, IMO.

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