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Anyone have an opinion as to whether this will support a close to 250lb guy and his hammock? I'm going to double it over to get attached to my ENO the way I want. Any of the engineering/mathematics/physics types want to chime in on this? BB, HE, lvleph? Bueller? Bueller?
It held me up; I weigh 270 lbs. The only set back? If you're using a lark's head, once the knot tightens up it'll be hard to get loose. That why I use 3.8mm instead.

The real question is will it hold up over time? For instance, I was using 1.5 inch polypro webbing rated to 800 lbs. Yes, it held me up, but over the course of a year, I noticed a tear right where the webbing locks into the dual rings. And the webbing stretched beyond reason.

So I upgraded to 1.5 inch polyester webbing rated to 3500 lbs. No stretch: at lets not enough to keep adjusting every 30 minutes. It added 3 ounces to my set up, but it's worth it. I like hanging off cliffs and stuff. An extra 3 ounces ain't nothing if it's gonna save your life.