Hey everyone, I have a couple of questions for some of you seasoned vets. I am new on here and continuing to read the volumes of information on this site. I am currently running the following setup:

Purchased a suspension setup and ridgeline from whoopieslings

What I want to do is dial in this setup to understand the full hanging process better and then add a bugnet and a bit of an oversized 10x10'? rain fly. Of course I want them to pack into nothing but be bombproof and oh yeah cost a combined $10.

Since that pipe dream is now over, (seriously) wondering what you would suggest as far as lightwieght tarps that give you enough room underneath for gear and a "camp/cook" space. I saw a couple in sportsmans guide but of course they were sold out. I would really prefer one in camo or brown/green as well......

Thoughts? Advice? Thanks everyone!