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    Light weight hammock stand

    Sorry, I am having trouble posting photos of a preliminary version of a light weight hammock stand made from collapsible aluminum kayak paddles. Total weight for both ends and nessesary stakes, etc., will be about 35 oz. If the "hammock posts" were used as walking sticks then the additional weight for the stand, not counting the posts would be only 10 oz. The posts collapse to 26" length so the entire stand is very backpackable, bikepackable. No new ideas here, everything was gleaned from existing threads and please forgive me for not giving credit, I doubt I could even find all of the ideas again.

    1. Collapsible aluminum kayak paddles. These are from an old set we had. I have not found the exact same thing on the internet but I have found similar for around $20 for the pair. Cut to 26" each. When the two halves are joined (they overlap about 2.5") the finished post length is 49+" and weighs about 12.5 oz. Two posts, one for either end bring total post weight to 25 oz. Drill small hole at 48" for nail.
    2. 8 MSR Ground hog stakes.
    3. 2 Base plates, 3/8" (1/4" might work) plywood 2x2" or so. Hole drilled in middle for stake.
    4. 5/6 amsteel, approx 70? feet.
    5. 2 10penny nails.

    Drive stake through the hole in the base plate with 3" or so sticking up above base plate. Join two ends for one 49" post. Put nail through hole in post at 48" to hold amsteel at top of post. Put post over stake on top of base plate, angled out. Drive three more stakes for guy wires 6 or 7' out from post base. Attach guy wires and hammock to post at nail.

    Repeat for other end. Tighten guy wires as needed.

    A ridge line on the hammock helps, or else the guy wires go limp when you are not in the hammock.

    The MSR ground hog stakes, 3 (4 counting base plate) on each end seem to hold. But I have not spent a full night in the setup and the texture of the soil will have a lot to do with this. I weigh about 177 lbs.

    If the stake at the base plate protrudes a bit, it will help hold the post up while you are setting the guy wires.

    I will complete the setup and attempt to put photos up.

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    Couple more things

    Regarding attribution, I think most of these ideas came from Alamosa, Pedro, and another poster who used a 42" long stick for a stand.

    I forgot to mention that old tent carbon fiber poles (two 21" sections bungied togerter) are inserted into the end of the "post" to hold up the fly.

    Photos will help clarify

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    DIY Whoopie slings
    This sounds interesting! I'm still looking for an ideal pole solution and have to check this out. Thanks for sharing!

    (btw - I think I may be that other poster)

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    Bicycle support

    BTW the top of the bicycle seat on my mountain bike is about 42" from the ground, so a bicycle could probably be used at one or both ends to support the hammock. I plan to try that next.

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