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    Caulderwood Lake Paddle/Camp/Hang/Hike Aug 24-26

    A 2 night Calderwood Lake Paddle/Camp in the Joyce Kilmer/Slick Rock Wilderness West of the Smokies. Friday, August 24 - Sunday, August 26

    The lake is a reservoir lake below the Cheoa Dam. It is cold and refreshing especially during the heat of summer. At night a cool fog comes off of it that feels wonderful! There is a tunnel that was an old rail road tunnel years ago and it can be paddled through too! Everyday the lake is drawn down a foot or two making it possible to paddle through it.

    The camp spot I stayed at last year was a short paddle to get to so recreational boats and canoe's will have no problem. It had two tent pads and hanging spots along the lake access trail right at the mouth of Slick Rock Creek. There are more places to hang further in away from the water if the group get big. And there are other camp spots along the lake that we found last year with picnic tables and lantern posts. Also there are car camping places at the put-in along the lake with a Port-A-John.

    I'd like to paddle in and get set up the first day then paddle the next exploring the lake and try & find the old RR tunnel that can be paddles through during low water times. The last day we can hike up Slick Rock Trail to the Lower Falls to enjoy the water. The creek is a lot better for swimming or dangling our feet in than the lake because the lake is FREEZING!

    We loved this place last year and just have to go back!

    Lower Falls Hike

    Caulderwood Lake Paddle

    Trip Report

    More Info

    Google Map
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