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    My First bannana!

    I woke around 0630hrs this morning so that I could get my 5 year old daughter to school. The first think she said to me was "Dad when are you going to buy me a hammock like yours." Next thing my wife knew the kid was at school and hubby was searching for fabric at the local walmart.

    After about 1.5 hours hard manual labor I was napping in a brand new bannana.... well hammock that was about 2 feet to short for me. I realize the color could damage your eyes if look directly at it, but yellow is her favorite color. I also found a use for those crappy stock Claytor straps.

    Then she came home and you would have thought I gave her a pony made out of candy. She gave me the biggest hug ever and hasn't stopped smiling sense she found it in the back yard.


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