Turtle2 (past thru-hiker) and I plan to hike the AT through NH in August. Anyone want to join us for all or any part of the hike? Or, got any hints, suggestions, warnings, about the trail, maildrops, hostels/towns-not-to-miss, shuttles, parking, etc. to share with us? We plan to attend the 75th Anniversary festivities in Harpers Ferry on the way from Tennessee to New Hampshire. Here's our schedule (subject to change, of course):

Fri 10th drive to Harpers Ferry
Sat 11th Harpers Ferry AT festival (leave and drive during the night? or, leave late and drive through next morning?)
Sun 12th Hanover (depending on timing, we could hit the trail this afternoon/evening?)
Mon 13th Hanover to Moose Mountain 11.9
Tue 14th Moose Mountain to Hexacuba Shelter 17.7
Wed 15th Hexacuba Shelter to Glencliff 14.7
Thur 16th Glencliff to Beaver Brook Shelter 7.9
Fri 17th Beaver Brook Shelter to Eliza Brook Shelter 9.1
Sat 18th Eliza Brook to Franconia Notch 8.8
Sun 19th Franconia Notch to Galehead Hut 13.0
Mon 20th Galehead Hut to Webster Cliffs 16.6
Tue 21st Webster Cliffs to Lake in the Clouds 9.3
Wed 22nd Lake in the Clouds to Osgood Tentsite 10.0
Thur 23rd Osgood Tentsite to Carter Notch Hut 10.7
Fri 24th Carter Notch Hut to Gorham 15.2
Sat 25th shuttle back to Hanover/drive home

We do plan to stay in at least two, maybe three AMC huts. Where can we leave a vehicle in Hanover?

I've done a week on the AT twice, but this will be my longest hike if things go as planned. I'll be hanging; Turtle2 will be tenting, when we are not hutting or hosteling.

Rain Man

P.S. I posted this on WhiteBlaze.net also.